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Superior North Spotlight iPhone App

News | July 27, 2013
We are proud to announce the launch of the Superior North Spotlight iPhone App. Operated by the Superior North Community Futures Development Corporation (SNCFDC) this web portal (www.superiornorthspotlight.ca) and App allow visitors and local citizens to easily discover and find all of the local businesses and organizations in the Superior North region. Comprehensive coverage for...

Tbaytel Updates Customer Portal

News, Thunder Bay | July 5, 2013
Earlier this month Tbaytel updated their customer portal to access information on your landline, mobility and security accounts. Features on here have been a long time coming and it is a great start. We can actually see up to date data usage and the number of text messages sent (although my texts from Canada shows...

Shaw Wifi – Now in Northwestern Ontario

Thunder Bay | June 6, 2013
While staying in Kenora a couple of months ago, I was experiencing the typically bad Wifi Internet at my hotel when I noticed there was a new network appearing called ShawOpen. After a bit of searching I found out that Shaw is offering free Wifi to their existing customers. In Kenora, they have dozens of...

Windows 8

News, Technology | October 27, 2012
Earlier this week, too much fanfare, Microsoft released the newest version of the most popular operating system in the world, Windows 8. I know this is one of several thousand blogs to write about it, most either love it or loath it but I am in between, meh. They are calling it “re-imagining Windows” which...

Trouble on the Horizon for Tbaytel?

Technology, Thunder Bay | October 25, 2012
Bell and Virgin Mobile have recently setup shop in Thunder Bay and if you have been by their stores, they are busy. Line-ups are a regular sight. Tbaytel’s history of mobile network problems have been ongoing for far too long and many customers are making the switch. Many more will as contracts expire or get...

ZoneEdit Control Panel Error

Technology | April 23, 2012
For the past few days the ZoneEdit control panel has been down. When trying to login, users receive “Error Bad response from server, please contact support”. Unfortunately contacting support did not yield a reply. However, their Twitter stream does give periodic updates on the problem at twitter.com/zoneedit. An ETA would be very helpful to let...

Zoominfo Spam Lists

Technology | April 19, 2012
Recently after receiving a handful of spam from the same company I decided to opt-out (Hong Kong Tailors hira-tailors.com). The spam seemed specifically targeted to people in Thunder Bay and most spam I get is just random junk so this perked my interest. Their opt-out system had a link to “manage account” so I thought...

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