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Browser Battles Heat Up

News, The Web | March 22, 2011
Over the past month the big 3 browser makers have released their newest versions. On March 8th Google’s Chrome version 10 was released, on March 14th Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 opened to the public (previously being available as a release candidate to those who wanted to test it) and on March 22nd, Mozilla’s Firefox 4...

Software for the Forgetful

Technology, The Web | March 1, 2011
I have come across a few free software programs lately that can be extremely useful for friends, family and the workplace – especially for those who like to procrastinate or are constantly forgetting things. Sure the Outlook task list can work to some extent but it somewhat limited in nature. The Ultimate Note Keeper: Evernote...

Friend or Fan – Business on Facebook

The Web | February 19, 2011
It seems that the number of businesses breaking Facebook’s terms of service and creating a user profile (or friend) instead of a fan page is increasing. If you use the Internet (and don’t live in a subterranean cave) you are aware of the ability to “like” something on Facebook. This is a fan page and...

Egypt Shuts Down Internet

News, The Web | January 29, 2011
In an attempt to quell the uprising in Egypt, officials have essentially disconnected the Internet. Hoping that preventing people from accessing social media sites like Twitter and Facebook will stop them from taking to the streets. Telecome Egypt provides much of the Internet service to Egyptians and is owned in majority by the government. Egypt’s...

Chrome/Firefox Announce Do Not Track Feature

The Web | January 25, 2011
Mozilla announced yesterday that their popular Firefox browser will have a feature that will allow you to opt-out of targeted ads. Shortly afterwards, Google announced that their Chrome browser will implement the same feature and Microsoft has the feature slated for a December launch (perhaps earlier now). This sounds fantastic but wait… this feature will...

The Web in Numbers – 2010

News, Technology, The Web | January 16, 2011
Pingdom, one of the Internet’s premiere monitoring services on the web has released a set of figured describing Internet activity over the past year. Here are some of the highlights. Think you send a lot of emails, the make up a small portion of the 207 trillion sent in 2010 (unfortunately almost 90% of which...

WordPress Critical Update

The Web | January 1, 2011
Just announced prior to New Years Eve, WordPress alerted their users to a critical XSS (Cross-site Scripting) flaw that could threaten millions of web sites using the popular blogging tool (including this blog). This flaw is also not a complex one – so if you are using WordPress you should immediately upgrade the software. WordPress...

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