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Securing Your Mega-Accounts

E-Commerce, The Web | November 25, 2011
With the uptake of cloud computing becoming more common place the use of one username and password to authenticate is becoming the norm. A single username and password can now authorize you to access all sorts of things. Your Google Account for example will allow you to access Google Docs, Calendar, Analytics, Adwords/Adsense, the Android...

Tbaytel Targeted by Phishing Scam

Technology, The Web | September 6, 2011
If you use Tbaytel email services, you may have received an email asking you to provide account information or to verify your account information (see copies of messages at the bottom of this post) The first message asks you to reply and provide your name, email, username and password. The second message provides a link...

Facebook Virus Emails

The Web | August 23, 2011
Have you received a Facebook email with a friend request from someone you don’t know recently? I did, and I have all email notifications turned off for my personal Facebook profile. This is just the latest in a string of viruses and malware targetting social media sites. It is quite interesting the way that these...

QR Codes – Mobile Bar Codes

Technology, The Web | July 26, 2011
QR codes are slowly appearing more and more on just about everything. They are a fantastic way to let people quickly find and save a hyperlink without needing to remember or write it down. If you don’t already know, QR Codes are square bar codes (pictured above). All major smartphones have free apps that can...

Who’s Following Who?

The Web | May 23, 2011
Like, Follow, Share, Add – these are all buttons that are appearing on almost every single web site these days. It is a fantastic method for web site publishers to get their visitors to join the conversation on social networks, but it is also a fantastic way for the big Internet companies to follow you...

Shaw Hi-Jacks DNS Errors

The Web | May 11, 2011
If you use Shaw Residential or Business Internet and enter in a wrong web address and you will now see Shaw generated search page. This tactic has long been used by rogue toolbars and malware to redirect erroneous Internet traffic. Even Google and bigger name companies have tried it – usually with a backlash from...

Beware of CIRA Phishing Scams

The Web | April 18, 2011
On April 13, 2011 CIRA sent out a warning that fraudsters are targetting .ca domain name owners. If you receive a message from CIRA telling you your domain has expired and to pay to renew it – you probably received the phishing email. Here are some warning signs and ways to protect yourself: CIRA doesn’t...

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