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Using Apps to Track your Workouts

Technology, Thunder Bay | May 26, 2014
One of the best uses of a smartphone is to supercharge your workouts and motivate yourself by using an App to track and compare your outdoor activities. Save each run/ride and compare to previous speeds to challenge yourself. My favourite app is called Cyclemeter GPS which obviously by name is made for Cycling but can also...

New Websites

TBayIT, Thunder Bay | February 15, 2014
TBayIT has been busy working on several large and small projects over the past several months including some really nice websites. Unfortunately that means attention to updating the news section and blog on our website takes a back seat, so here are some of the sites we have been working on: Leadership Thunder Bay Thunder...

Tbaytel Updates Customer Portal

News, Thunder Bay | July 5, 2013
Earlier this month Tbaytel updated their customer portal to access information on your landline, mobility and security accounts. Features on here have been a long time coming and it is a great start. We can actually see up to date data usage and the number of text messages sent (although my texts from Canada shows...

Shaw Wifi – Now in Northwestern Ontario

Thunder Bay | June 6, 2013
While staying in Kenora a couple of months ago, I was experiencing the typically bad Wifi Internet at my hotel when I noticed there was a new network appearing called ShawOpen. After a bit of searching I found out that Shaw is offering free Wifi to their existing customers. In Kenora, they have dozens of...

Trouble on the Horizon for Tbaytel?

Technology, Thunder Bay | October 25, 2012
Bell and Virgin Mobile have recently setup shop in Thunder Bay and if you have been by their stores, they are busy. Line-ups are a regular sight. Tbaytel’s history of mobile network problems have been ongoing for far too long and many customers are making the switch. Many more will as contracts expire or get...

Latest Tbaytel Phishing Emails

Technology, Thunder Bay | March 22, 2012
Just received this message below and thought I would spread the word. Remember no ISP or company will ask you in an email to provide your username and password. If you look closely at the message, the reply-to address is @blumail.org. Not sure what they will do if they get in but probably harvest your...

Tbaytel vs. Shaw Internet Speeds

Technology, Thunder Bay | August 26, 2011
I have the pleasure of working with various clients around the city and they are split between using Shaw Cable Internet and Tbaytel DSL Internet. At my office I run Shaw Extreme and see consistent fast speeds. At some of my clients there is a noticeable slow-down, so much so that many of them have...

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