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YouTube Now Streaming Movies in Canada

Technology | September 2, 2011
Most people are familiar with watching stupid pet videos on YouTube or but not full-length hd movies. Already available in the States, YouTube is now the latest to enter the Canadian movie streaming market. Good timing as Blockbuster has recently announced the closing of their Canadian operations and many people will be forced to look...

Tbaytel vs. Shaw Internet Speeds

Technology, Thunder Bay | August 26, 2011
I have the pleasure of working with various clients around the city and they are split between using Shaw Cable Internet and Tbaytel DSL Internet. At my office I run Shaw Extreme and see consistent fast speeds. At some of my clients there is a noticeable slow-down, so much so that many of them have...

Get Well Mr. Jobs

Technology | August 25, 2011
Just a short post to recognize a true technology icon, Steve Jobs. He was one of the original pioneers of the personal computer as one of the co-founders of Apple back in the 1970’s. He re-invented the walkman (remember that) with the IPod and revolutionized mobile phones with the IPhone – not to mention bringing...

QR Codes – Mobile Bar Codes

Technology, The Web | July 26, 2011
QR codes are slowly appearing more and more on just about everything. They are a fantastic way to let people quickly find and save a hyperlink without needing to remember or write it down. If you don’t already know, QR Codes are square bar codes (pictured above). All major smartphones have free apps that can...

The Future of RIM’s BlackBerry

Technology | July 25, 2011
If you follow technology news at all, you have heard that Research In Motion has been having some problems. First their stocks took a tumble when their 1st quarter earnings were announced in June, and just today RIM said they will be laying off of 2000+ employees. This news is not surprising as the competition...

Demise of Blockbuster – Sign of the Times

Technology | May 6, 2011
Effective April 30, 2011, Blockbuster Canada announced that it will no longer sell gift cards or enrolment into their rewards program. This announcement signals an uncertain future. It isn’t surprising that the days of having to drive to a movie rental store are long becoming history but it is surprising that Blockbuster hasn’t changed their...

Recognizing Cyber Hoarding

Technology | April 20, 2011
With the rise in computer use over the past decade there has also been a significant rise in cyber hoarders. These people are similar to the traditional hoarders that you see on many of the popular hoarding shows on television – but their hoard is electronic and stored in the form of files, emails, icons...

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