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Trouble on the Horizon for Tbaytel?

Technology, Thunder Bay | October 25, 2012
Bell and Virgin Mobile have recently setup shop in Thunder Bay and if you have been by their stores, they are busy. Line-ups are a regular sight. Tbaytel’s history of mobile network problems have been ongoing for far too long and many customers are making the switch. Many more will as contracts expire or get...

ZoneEdit Control Panel Error

Technology | April 23, 2012
For the past few days the ZoneEdit control panel has been down. When trying to login, users receive “Error Bad response from server, please contact support”. Unfortunately contacting support did not yield a reply. However, their Twitter stream does give periodic updates on the problem at twitter.com/zoneedit. An ETA would be very helpful to let...

Zoominfo Spam Lists

Technology | April 19, 2012
Recently after receiving a handful of spam from the same company I decided to opt-out (Hong Kong Tailors hira-tailors.com). The spam seemed specifically targeted to people in Thunder Bay and most spam I get is just random junk so this perked my interest. Their opt-out system had a link to “manage account” so I thought...

Latest Tbaytel Phishing Emails

Technology, Thunder Bay | March 22, 2012
Just received this message below and thought I would spread the word. Remember no ISP or company will ask you in an email to provide your username and password. If you look closely at the message, the reply-to address is @blumail.org. Not sure what they will do if they get in but probably harvest your...

Optimize and Improve Your Wi-Fi Network

Technology | March 12, 2012
WiFi in your home is just as commonplace as a fridge or television. Especially now with the popularity of smart-phones and tablets it is a necessity to have a good WiFi signal throughout your home. But as more and more people setup there own wireless networks you may get interference. In my neighbourhood there are...

Where is the IPad3?

Technology | September 26, 2011
The much anticipated IPad3 isn’t out yet, what’s going on? When will the IPad3 be released? Rumours were originally picking September 2011, but with the IPhone5 coming out soon it is unlikely. Is an Autumn release date still possible? The newest IPad will tout the retina display of 2048×1536 in its 9.7″ screen among other...

Tbaytel Targeted by Phishing Scam

Technology, The Web | September 6, 2011
If you use Tbaytel email services, you may have received an email asking you to provide account information or to verify your account information (see copies of messages at the bottom of this post) The first message asks you to reply and provide your name, email, username and password. The second message provides a link...

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