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Spear Phishing for Email Transfers

Technology, The Web | November 16, 2016
Over recent months I have had a couple clients targeted by spear phishing attacks. In both cases the finance manager received an email from the executive director asking about paying a client. This was the initial email sent in one example: Please let me know if you’re available to process a transfer (this is a...

CRTC and Pick and Pay

Technology | September 8, 2014
The CRTC starts hearings today to decide whether people should be able to pick and pay for the channels they want. What a waste of time and money. The CRTC should not get involved with the business models of television providers. If they were to impose a pick-and-pay system they are 20 years too late. With...

Using Apps to Track your Workouts

Technology, Thunder Bay | May 26, 2014
One of the best uses of a smartphone is to supercharge your workouts and motivate yourself by using an App to track and compare your outdoor activities. Save each run/ride and compare to previous speeds to challenge yourself. My favourite app is called Cyclemeter GPS which obviously by name is made for Cycling but can also...

Netflix Speed Rankings Released

Technology, The Web | May 15, 2014
Earlier this week Netflix released ratings of Canadian ISPs and their connection performance for streaming videos. The move by Netflix to release these ratings makes sense to keep customers in the know and demanding good connections – and to shame poorer performing ISPs. Most if not all ISPs throttle speeds, typically for things like peer-to-peer...

Backing up Large Files to the Cloud

Technology | May 3, 2014
If you are like me and have a ton of archived digital photos and videos – you are going to want to ensure you have a good backup. I currently have over 250gb of media files that date back to my first digital camera in 2002. Unfortunately, I have met dozens of people that have lost...

Windows 8

News, Technology | October 27, 2012
Earlier this week, too much fanfare, Microsoft released the newest version of the most popular operating system in the world, Windows 8. I know this is one of several thousand blogs to write about it, most either love it or loath it but I am in between, meh. They are calling it “re-imagining Windows” which...

Trouble on the Horizon for Tbaytel?

Technology, Thunder Bay | October 25, 2012
Bell and Virgin Mobile have recently setup shop in Thunder Bay and if you have been by their stores, they are busy. Line-ups are a regular sight. Tbaytel’s history of mobile network problems have been ongoing for far too long and many customers are making the switch. Many more will as contracts expire or get...

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