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Browser Battles Heat Up

News, The Web | March 22, 2011
Over the past month the big 3 browser makers have released their newest versions. On March 8th Google’s Chrome version 10 was released, on March 14th Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 opened to the public (previously being available as a release candidate to those who wanted to test it) and on March 22nd, Mozilla’s Firefox 4...

Egypt Shuts Down Internet

News, The Web | January 29, 2011
In an attempt to quell the uprising in Egypt, officials have essentially disconnected the Internet. Hoping that preventing people from accessing social media sites like Twitter and Facebook will stop them from taking to the streets. Telecome Egypt provides much of the Internet service to Egyptians and is owned in majority by the government. Egypt’s...

The Web in Numbers – 2010

News, Technology, The Web | January 16, 2011
Pingdom, one of the Internet’s premiere monitoring services on the web has released a set of figured describing Internet activity over the past year. Here are some of the highlights. Think you send a lot of emails, the make up a small portion of the 207 trillion sent in 2010 (unfortunately almost 90% of which...

IPv4 Addresses Used Up

News, The Web | December 5, 2010
As of January 2011 experts are warning that IPv4 Internet addresses will be used up around the world. IPv4 is the fourth revision in the development of the Internet Protocol (IP) and it is the first version of the protocol to be widely deployed. IPv4 uses 32-bit (four-byte) addresses, which limits the address space to...

WikiLeaks – Fight to Stay Online

News, The Web | December 3, 2010
Wikileaks has taken over our news recently by publishing to secret diplomatic gossip. Personally, I have no interest in this gossip – unlike the media which will run with this story for months. On a technical side they are pushing the envelope of what hosting providers will allow and gaining experience in defending Internet attacks....

Microsoft Patents Shape Shifting Screen

News, Technology | November 30, 2010
Light Induced Shape Memory Polymer Screen… this is the title of a recent patent filed by Microsoft on November 25, 2010. What in the world is this you might ask? It is a screen that can give you feedback and adjust the texture under your fingers. Sounds pretty cool and could be a feature in...

Cyber Monday

E-Commerce, News | November 29, 2010
Today marks the start of the largest online shopping period of the year. From the last Monday in November, last for several days Cyber Monday is welcomed by e-commerce vendors across the World. Almost every online retailers will be having sales including Dell, Apple, TigerDirect, Amazon and Overstock. Cyber Monday was coined in 2005 to...

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