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Google Analytics 4

Posted on March 5, 2023

The newest version of Google Analytics (GA4) will be replacing the current Universal Analytics that you may be using on your web site.

This change will come into effect on July 1st, 2023 after which sites not upgraded will no longer be recording statistics. So if you are using Google Analytics and you haven’t upgraded, now is the time as it will require a different code snippet and the creation of a GA4 property in Google Analytics.

Unfortunately GA4 isn’t as easy to use or interpret. Most of our clients seek simple stats and basic reports. GA4 is based on events (no longer users) and still extremely powerful – if you spend the time to configure it. There are alternative analytic packages available but most come at a cost.

Part of the reason they are changing is to comply with privacy regulations in the GDPR.

If you are using WordPress for your web site, we recommend using the Google Site Kit plugin (built by Google) which will help you upgrade to GA4. It will also allow you connect your site to Google Search Console, Page Speed Insights, Tag Manager and other Google tools. We will be installing this plugin and upgrading to GA4 for all of our web design and managed WordPress clients hosted with us.

More information about the changes are available here.





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