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Tbaytel Updates Customer Portal

Posted on July 5, 2013

Earlier this month Tbaytel updated their customer portal to access information on your landline, mobility and security accounts. Features on here have been a long time coming and it is a great start. We can actually see up to date data usage and the number of text messages sent (although my texts from Canada shows zero which is off). The portal itself seems a bit slow but functional at least. It also tells you how many months you have left in your current contract and the cost to buy it out early (I question I often call and ask about). And of course you can get your bills online, something which many people will be doing to avoid the $2 surcharge coming soon to paper billing (mobility only).


I give two thumbs up to Tbaytel for finally implementing a useful customer portal… but… it would be great to see call history, especially when we are charged for going over our minutes and have to pay extra to see our full history. Also, since many people have more than one Tbaytel account, it would be nice for the email notifications to specify which bill is new and provide a link directly to it in the email.

Tbaytel Customer Portal

There is also a forum available. Probably a great idea as well since peer support is a great way to provide information and tips between clients (even though it looks a little deserted right now). Hopefully it doesn’t fill up with complaints like their Facebook account. Here is the forum link:

Now only if we could get Thunder Bay Hydro to build a customer portal. Imagine if customers actually had access to all of the data that these smart meters are sending.

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