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Zoominfo Spam Lists

Posted on April 19, 2012

Recently after receiving a handful of spam from the same company I decided to opt-out (Hong Kong Tailors hira-tailors.com). The spam seemed specifically targeted to people in Thunder Bay and most spam I get is just random junk so this perked my interest. Their opt-out system had a link to “manage account” so I thought I would click on this and see what kind of account I have (that I never signed up for.) I saw in the profile that they had my business contact information perfectly formatted and I noticed a “source” field. This field simply said zoominfo. Going to the zoominfo.com website I quickly located that they had several entries for me (for some of the various clients I have had over the years).

From the zoominfo website:
Our technologies crawl the business Web, gather community contributed data, create profiles of businesses and their employees and update this B2B data 24/7 with new, constantly verified information. With 25 Million people hired into jobs in the US the last six months alone — we have to. That is how only ZoomInfo provides millions of just verified, in-depth profiles on over 5 millions businesses and 50 million employees, and our database that is at the heart of all ZoomInfo products and services, is market’s most powerful for individuals and companies alike.

In other words they run bots/scripts that pull out email addresses and contact information from websites, put it into a huge database and sell it to spammers. If you are annoyed by spam, do a search on their site and remove yourself. I am curious to know how many times my email addresses have been bought and sold. Zoominfo attempts to be a professional (social/business) network but fails miserably at it and is just a broker for selling people’s personal data. Not that different than Google and Facebook come to think about it.

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