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Online Christmas Shopping

Posted on November 27, 2010

Shopping online has reached record proportions, and rightfully so. Personally, I would rather spend a couple hours on my computer ordering gifts then killing days in the shopping mall. I will however shop at a few of the local stores to support them directly. 

Here are a few tips for shopping online:

1. Shipping / Handling
Take careful note of what you will be paying for shipping & handling. Most of the larger online retailers will provide free shipping but others do not and this can end up costing you more. If the retailer has a local store in your town you may be able to pick up to avoid the costs if the items are in stock.

2. Delivery
Don’t wait until the week before Christmas to do your online shopping, or if you do, use retailers that guarantee pre-Christmas delivery. Many retailers give you the option of billing and shipping addresses (with gift wrap) so that you can have your gifts sent directly to the recipients. The longer you wait the less likely the items you want are in stock and that can be delivered on time.

3. Avoid After Checkout Deals
Unfortunately many online retailers partner with shady after-purchase companies that will try to sign you up for something after your purchase. I highly recommend to not click on these deals as there is usually a catch. Head this article for more information.

4. Security
Always verify that the retailer you are dealing with has a good online reputation. An easy way to figure this out is search in Google “scam name of retailer” and look through some of the results. Of course, make sure your computer is free of viruses/spyware to prevent any theft of your information. You can also use additional security measures such as “Verified by Visa” to make things a little more safe.

5. Email Deals
Email is the number one way viruses, phishing and other scams are circulated through the Internet. Be very wary of what links you click on inside of an email.

Our Favourite Tech Toys

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