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Nanosecond Kindle Sale

Posted on November 28, 2010

Many Amazon customers were not happy with the $89 Kindle sale taking place on Black Friday. A site like Amazon with literally millions of customers and a limited number of Kindles on sale resulted in a very short sale. Many customers thought that the sale didn’t even take place (perhaps they blinked).

Here are a couple custom comments from the Amazon forums:

Amazon knew it would be flooded with people wanting this product across the country. To have it NOT available from the SECOND it goes on sale is FRAUD. New laws are needed to govern this sort of sale situation. (And yes, I have done many auctions and understand that you can’t get what you want. But to not even have enough for 5 minutes?! Two minutes?? ONE minute?!!!!! Bulls–.

From the information I can dig up, Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer in the world. I know many people in England, Ireland, Brazil and Iceland shop on this site. Two that I know of that live in England got the Kindles yesterday. If Amazon had 2000 units for sale, it is a no brainer to figure out how fast they would sell out….about 2 seconds. People are being totally unrealistic. On the other hand, the odds truly were astonishing for some. Think of it as purchasing a lottery ticket…….the odds of winning are slim to none, but there are winners.

If you have seen the videos of crazy consumers lining up and trying to get into their favourite stores for Black Friday, this isn’t much different. If you’re not at the beginning of the line chances are they will be sold out before you get what you want. Sad consumer culture we live in where people areĀ trampledĀ for a deal – at least no one is hurt online.

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