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Securing Your Mega-Accounts

With the uptake of cloud computing becoming more common place the use of one username and password to authenticate is becoming the norm. A single username and password can now authorize you to access all sorts of things. Your Google Account for example will allow you to access Google Docs, Calendar, Analytics, Adwords/Adsense, the Android […]

The Future of RIM’s BlackBerry

If you follow technology news at all, you have heard that Research In Motion has been having some problems. First their stocks took a tumble when their 1st quarter earnings were announced in June, and just today RIM said they will be laying off of 2000+ employees. This news is not surprising as the competition […]

More Tablets Enter the Market

Ever since the launch of the iPad, tablet computing has never been more popular. Apple by no means were the first to create a tablet computer. There was a product called the GridPad and the Poqet PC in 1989. Microsoft pushed tablet pcs in 2001 with a tablet edition of Windows XP. When launched the […]