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ZoneEdit Control Panel Error

Posted on April 23, 2012

For the past few days the ZoneEdit control panel has been down. When trying to login, users receive “Error Bad response from server, please contact support”. Unfortunately contacting support did not yield a reply. However, their Twitter stream does give periodic updates on the problem at twitter.com/zoneedit. An ETA would be very helpful to let their clients plan around this outage. Thankfully, their DNS service still seems to be responding and working without issues. I can still login to their old control panel (legacy.zoneedit.com) but unfortunately zones cannot be managed here any longer since the move to the new system.

I am in a bit of a situation now. I have a static IP being changed by my service provider this week. I was hoping to change things over on the weekend which is when I discovered the control panel error and had to re-schedule. With only two days left before the change and potentially 500-1000 users being effected I am left with tough choices. I have been using ZoneEdit for almost a decade even when their classic control panel was horribly out of date – their service was always reliable and I can’t even remember a time when it was down. ZoneEdit was/is probably most inexpensive and reliable DNS services out there. Most other professional managed DNS provider charge quite a bit more.

I have a feeling they suffered some sort of attack or were hacked. Being as their user base is most likely very technical, I expect a technical response to this problem and how they ensure it will not happen again.

Here are several Managed DNS providers if you need to find an alternative:

Another alternative is to find a reliable hosting company that gives you full DNS control. Some companies charge as little as a few dollars a month for hosting with a full cPanel control panel. I liked the tools and flexibility of ZoneEdit and even used their Tertiary DNS services and want to avoid leaving but I may be forced to. I will give ZoneEdit until tomorrow morning before I find an alternative service or host the DNS myself.

The ZoneEdit website is now down. Not a good sign. And still little information coming from Twitter.

Sorry ZoneEdit, you have been great while you lasted but this outage has gone on too long and I am forced to find alternatives.

4 comments on "ZoneEdit Control Panel Error"

Keithen says:

I had my DynIP change Saturday morning and was unable to get in to update it (not good when running a mailserver). I’m using the free DDNS service from DNSExit.com while zoneedit get’s their issue fixed. The interface is decent and has good response time with making and saving changes. One hint, use the wizard when adding the domain if your domain nameserver changes with your registrar hasn’t take effect. It’s the only way to get everything set up when the nameserver changes propigate.

Ted Wood says:

ZoneEdit fails on customer support and communication. I’ve been telling them that for months, as a paying client.

michael says:

this issue started friday; it’s now tuesday, and aside from a few totally uninformative twitter posts, there’s no status or communication from zoneedit. this is a total, inexcusable fail. i can understand something bad happening, but keeping your paying customers completely in the dark after making it impossible to contact them directly… we’re moving the 30+ zones we have at zoneedit to another provider, because at this point we have to.

Mark says:

I think when/if ZoneEdit comes back on they will no longer have any customers. I’m still curious to know the reason for the control panel (and website) outage. Was a great service for many years. Farewell.

The TwitterVerse is speculating a hack, if you use the same password in multiple places you may be at risk.

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