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Working Remotely during the COVID-19 Pandemic

News, Technology | March 24, 2020
This has been a busy few weeks for us. Technology has never been as important as it is now – to keep our economy running, to disseminate information and even using ai and other emerging technologies to research a vaccine. In order to stay open, many of the organizations we support are sending their employees...

Chrome to Mark Sites as Insecure

The Web | January 6, 2017
Google Chrome will start marking web sites as insecure sometime this January that do not use a secure certificate to secure their web site. This is Google’s push is to make the web more secure – or should we say encrypted. Installing a secure certificate on a web site allows it to use the https:// protocol...

Spear Phishing for Email Transfers

Technology, The Web | November 16, 2016
Over recent months I have had a couple clients targeted by spear phishing attacks. In both cases the finance manager received an email from the executive director asking about paying a client. This was the initial email sent in one example: Please let me know if you’re available to process a transfer (this is a...

WordPress Bloat…

The Web | November 4, 2016
Having developed web sites using WordPress for many years, I have noticed many welcome improvements but unfortunately have seen the system becoming bloated. What do I mean by bloat? I mean lots of additional features that most sites never use. The WordPress engine itself can still render pages quite fast, especially when setup on a...

CRTC Pick and Pay Update

News, The Web | November 3, 2016
Well the jury is back and the CRTC Pick and Pay for television providers has turned out to be a total failure. Who would have thought that this would happen. Perhaps this is a sign that the CRTC shouldn’t meddle in the private sector without having a strong plan. Just like they forced mobile service...

Canadian Spammer Facing 1m in Penalties

News, The Web | March 7, 2015
The CRTC is getting ready to fine Quebec company Compu-Finder over 1 million for sending out hundreds of thousands of spam to Canadians. This marks the first and largest case under the new Anti-Spam Legislation. Not only did Compu-Finder send email without consent, they did not have unsubscribe links on their emails. These are two of...

CRTC and Pick and Pay

Technology | September 8, 2014
The CRTC starts hearings today to decide whether people should be able to pick and pay for the channels they want. What a waste of time and money. The CRTC should not get involved with the business models of television providers. If they were to impose a pick-and-pay system they are 20 years too late. With...

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